About CPR Certification Irving

When it comes to CPR training, we go above and beyond with completely hands-on CPR classes delivered in real-time by competent trainers. What’s best? Our courses are approved by the highest standard for heart health education, which is the American Heart Association.

The first-hand experience of our instructors in giving out CPR and First Aid is why we are able to provide instruction at the highest level. Our instructors deliver the classes in our typical “stress-free” style, allowing you to fully comprehend and retain the information in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We constantly strive to bring a good sense of humor and fun into our lessons making it an overall fun learning experience for our students!

It is our company’s mission to make sure that you are among the privileged few who are prepared to positively impact your local community. Sign up with CPR Certification Irving for the best educational experience, all provided at our welcoming and easily-accessible location!